(Not all of them Do. Click here to see why.)

Since you’ve found this website, you are either looking for information regarding the Social Security Disability Process or looking for information about lawyers who represent disabled people.

Find the RIGHT Disability Lawyer for YOU– (They are not all the same.)

When you are disabled and unable to work, it’s a serious matter.   You need a lawyer who cares about you – not just their fee.  Therefore, the guidance provided here is much different from the typical disability law firms’ “sales pitch.”

Similarities between all the Social Security Disability Attorneys

First, you should know that all Social Security Attorneys charge no fee unless they win your case because it’s required by Social Security Disability regulations.

Second, all disability lawyers ultimately charge the same fee if they win because fees are regulated by Social Security Disability rules.

Differences between Social Security Disability Attorneys

With most firms, you will normally communicate with a staff employee – Not the attorney.

With McGreal Disability Law, you will ALWAYS communicate only with your attorney!

With most firms, the development of your case is done by staff employees – Not the attorney.

With McGreal Disability Law, your attorney will become personally familiar with you and the specific details of your case from start to finish.    He will develop your case with personal attention to you.

With most firms, your case ends when a decision is issued.

With McGreal Disability Law, your attorney will continue to help you and answer your questions even after your successful outcome.

If you want to work with staff employees – you should chose a different firm.

If you want to work directly with an experienced lawyer who cares about YOU,

Please call us at (312) 906-9444 so we can get to know each other.