A different kind of Social Security Disability Attorney

A More Caring Attorney

First, you must know that most people who try to get Social Security Disability benefits on their own are denied.  This is because this Social Security Disability process is extremely complex, and riddled with complicated regulations, rules, and procedural requirements designed to eliminate anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with their process.   You simply cannot afford to make any mistakes in the process.   And selecting the right disability lawyer to present your case is the most important decision you will make.

There are some little known secrets that you must know before you select any attorney.   As you read the various law firm ads, it quickly becomes clear that no Social Security Disability Attorneys charge a fee unless they win.   This is because Social Security regulates attorney fees for ALL attorneys.  Therefore, most firms find that it is more profitable to handle a high volume of cases and have less expensive staff employees do most of the work.  In fact, in some firms, the client many never actually talk with his or her attorney until day before, or the day of the disability hearing.   We call these firms “mills” because they focus on volume rather than personal attention.   They can afford to lose cases because the volume will make up for it.

McGreal Disability Law is different.  We care about you.  We only accept a limited number of quality cases, and you will always work directly with your attorney every step of the way.  We believe that the attorney must personally handle every aspect of the case in order to provide the quality of compassionate legal representation that is required to be successful in the complex Social Security environment that exists today.

If you want to work with staff employees – you should chose a different firm.

If you want to work directly with an experienced lawyer who cares about YOU,

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