You’re disabled and can no longer work. You’ve paid into the Social Security system all these years only to be denied your claim for disability benefits. You submitted all the information that you had to prove your disability but it still wasn’t enough to gain the approval. You think you can’t win and you want to give up. DON’T DO IT! WE CAN HELP.

If you disagree with the Social Security Administration’s decision about your claim you have the right to appeal your case and you should do so. One of the most important rules to remember is that denials are common. You must not give up! If you do, you may be cheating yourself out of tens of thousands of dollars simply or more in benefits you deserve simply because you didn’t understand the process and the complex evidentiary requirements.

There can be multiple reasons for the denial of your claim. The most common is a failure to fully understand the complex Social Security Disability process and all the many regulations that drive it. An experienced disability lawyer who specializes in Social Security Disability is your best tool for success. If you have been denied, call us for a free consultation and analysis of your case. (312) 906-9444.

Why Your Social Security Claim May Have Been Denied

After completing and putting together what you considered believed was the BEST application for disability benefits, you receive a letter in the mail stating that you were denied. Like many other applicants, you are wondering how the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied your Social Security disability claim after you provided them with ample evidence of your disability.

There are a variety of reasons why your claim may have been denied. The most common reason is that you did not fully understand the complex set of rule and requirement pertaining to the medical evidence that must be presented to legally prove you are disabled. But regardless of the reason, you are not alone. About 80 percent of all applicants are initially denied. However many of these applicants ultimately receive benefits by appealing their case with the help of an experienced attorney who knows how to present the right evidence on appeal to receive a successful outcome.

Social Security statistics show that most people who are represented by a Social Security Disability Attorney ultimately win their cases. The appeals process is not an easy task to conquer, but it is vitally important, and it must be done correctly by presenting the specific facts and law that pertain your case in the way that checks all the relevant boxes in Social Security’s complex process.


If you have been denied, you must appeal promptly. Call McGreal Disability Law at (312) 906-9444 and we will get you back on track.